Student Handbook - 2009-10 Tuition and Fees

Registration Fee:

A registration fee is due annually for each student who will be enrolled. The registration fee is due no later than August 1st.

Grades K-6: $200 per student

Grades 7-12: $250 per student

Tuition Schedule:

Tuition is paid on a 10-month basis (September - June). Payments for each month are due on the last business day of the previous month. Late payments will be subject to a $25 late fee. A child is subject to dismissal if financial obligations remain unpaid for more than one month.

2009-10 Monthly Tuition Schedule
Grade 1 - 12
Two Students (all grades)
Three Students (all grades)
Four Students (all grades)


Technology Fee:

In order to pay for classroom computers, an additional technology fee is payable each month for all students in grades 1-12. Students in grades 7-12 each have a computer for their individual use while students in grades 1-6 share a classroom computer. The fee schedule is as follows:

2008-09 Monthly Technology Fee Schedule
Grades 1-6 (per student)
Grades 7-12 (per student)


Note: Registration and Tuition do not cover all the schools expenses. Therefore, we have various fundraisers throughout the school year. Each family is required to participate in all fundraises. Without fundraisers our tution would greatly increase. Your participation keeps our tuition and fees as low as possible.