Student Handbook - Transportation

Students (PreK - 12th) are bused to school. Busing is provided by the school district. Students should be ready 15 minutes before their bus arrives and be ready to board the school bus when it pulls up to their stop. Proper Christian conduct is expected while in route to and from school.

The bus driver and school administration reserves the right to refuse transporting any student who does not follow proper conduct and procedure.

Note - New York State Families: You must provide transportation for your children. In order to be refunded for mileage, you must notify your school district by April 1st of the ensuing year, and you must live in a district that provides busing.


Students (PreK - 12th) arrive at the school between 7:45 AM and 8:00 AM. School classes begin promptly at 8:10 AM each morning. Pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten classes are held all day on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday of each week.


Students (PreK - 12th) are dismissed from 2:30 PM to 2:45 PM as their buses arrive.