Student Handbook - Dress Code

We show honor to God not only by what we say and do, but also by our appearance to others. Scripture tells us to dress modestly with decency and propriety. If there is a problem, parents will be contacted at home or work to bring proper attire.


Hair for both boys and girls should be clean and well trimmed. Boy's hair should be neatly cut and off the collar. Wild cuts or unnatural colors will not be permitted. Hair styles may be deemed unacceptable at the discretion of the school staff.


The school requires good personal hygiene of students. If a problem arises, the parents will be contacted.


Clothing for both boys and girls should be neat and clean. The school does not require that "dress" clothes be worn on a daily basis, however, on Chapel Day children should dress nicely. Blue Jeans, sweatshirts, T-shirts, and camouflage clothing are not acceptable dress on Chapel Day.

1. Denim may be worn providing it is clean and without holes or fraying bottoms., and not hanging below the waist (Not at all on Chapel Day)

2. T-shirts featuring indecent or obscene cartoon characters or popular secular personalities are not permitted.

3. Dresses, skirts and shorts must touch the top of the knee cap. Slits in skirts must be no higher than the knee.

4. When skirts or dresses are worn, tights or pantyhose should be worn for modesty and warmth.

5. No low cut shirts, blouses or dresses. No tank tops, sleeveless clothing, or cap sleeves. Shirts should be long enough to cover the tummy even when arms are raised.

6. No handkerchief bandanas are to be worn on the head.

7. In the interest of safety, no backless shoes or backless sandals are permitted.



As a show of respect, students will be required to keep a 6 inch distance from all other students.